Prizes to Win at the Mizoram State Lottery

The Mizoram state lottery is indeed one of the most popular lotteries in the country of India. A lot of people patronize this lottery because of the many prizes that a person can win. As some people say it, winning the Mizoram state lottery can be life changing.
If you are one of these people who try your luck with the Mizoram lottery, then you may already be familiar with the prizes that you can win. If not, then continue reading below because this article will discuss to you the prizes that you can win by playing the Mizoram state lottery.

Brief Background
Let us first discuss a brief background about the Mizoram state lottery. First and foremost, it is called as such because it is conducted in the Mizoram state of the country of India. Other state also have their own lottery games which are named after the names of the respective states.
The Mizoram lottery runs three times a day on a daily basis. It starts from 3 o clock pm up to 7 o clock pm. The 3 o clock pm lottery is the one offering the premium ticket.
Major Prizes
The Mizoram state lottery has six major prizes that can be won by a player. These prizes are called first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize, fifth prize, and sixth prize.
• First prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 10,000
• Second prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 9,500
• Third prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 9,000
• Fourth prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 500
• Fifth prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 300
• Sixth prize – a cash amount worth Rs. 130
Additional or Consolation Prizes
Aside from the major prizes discussed above, there are also some additional or consolation prizes that may be won by the Mizoram lottery players. Prizes such as televisions, bicycle, motorcycles, and even cars may be won by lucky players.
These prizes make the Mizoram lottery a lot exciting for those who play it. With that being said, you may be enticed to play the Mizoram lottery. If you do, then make sure to check the results from Mizoram today lottery result.

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